Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday years old and a new father too.

Wow...Matt's turning 22 years old this weekend...where did that little boy go....where did the time go too. He has had a great year so far..he's gotten engaged to Jordan, who we all love so much.And he was blessed, as we were too, with the birth of his daughter...Madelyn Audrey Harrington. She came into our lives on August 24th and has changed all of us too.Matt made me a Pawpaw to my first granddaughter...and she will have her Pawpaw wrapped around her pinkie all her life...I just know it.
I see my mom in Maddy's eyes and on her face...I know this is really special to Matt, who loved his Meemaw with all his heart. Maddy is a gift from God that Matt will have all his life, something that no one else could give him.
Matt and Jordan have had a very good 2009 so far and have nothing but great things ahead. God will provide for them, love them and guide them through life's path.

This is one of my favorite pictures...3 generations of our family...I know my mom and dad are looking down from heaven and smiling, so proud of Matt and how he has grown this past year.
This weekend he is going to a concert that God has led him to. With the Lords help Matt will continue to grow and be the father that Maddy needs and the husband that Jordan needs too.
He's going to the Casting Crowns concert at a nearby arena. He has grown into the man that I knew he could be, and would be. I am so proud of him.
Lifesong by Casting Crowns is a fitting song, Matt has a whole life ahead of him still. One that only he and God can make happen, one that I know will be full of good times, happy times and full of love. You are taking great steps into becoming the dad that Maddy needs and the husband that Jordan deserves.
Elsie and I love you son, keep stepping into the footsteps of the Lord and you won't ever falldown again. Enjoy your birthday, your weekend and remember that with the Lord watching over you and your family around you, you can be, do and conquer anything. Happy Birthday Matt...I love you with all my go change Maddy, and hug Jordan for me...Dad..aka Pawpaw.

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