Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Maddy comes to visit...our first overnight with our granddaughter

Well, we had a visitor on Friday night...our granddaughter came to visit and spend the night. Her parents went to Virginia for a historical celebration, and they asked us to keep her Friday night.She came in waving and as beautiful as always. Barely over a month old and she can wave...unbelievable. I see my mom in her...I miss her everyday, just as Matt does. His Memaw would have loved Maddy with all her heart. We both will tell Maddy stories of how Memaw and Matt shared the time they had together before she passed away from cancer.
Can a sleeper say anymore...."CUTIE" indeed. She did well for her first overnight visit..we got up a few times overnight...but then again...we got to play with her while rocking her back to sleep.
On Saturday we took her over to Matt's mom's house so she could spend Saturday night with her and her husband...Grammy and Mike (we'll call him Gramps until he names himself). Maddy's parents would be back Sunday to pick her up. We don't mind sharing her...we love her and don't mind sharing.
On Sunday we went over to visit our daughter and husband ...and got to see Ryder walking like a champ. He's ten months old and is making big strides in his shoes. Soon he'll be running and we will be chasing him...great fun for all...well fun for him at least.
We enjoy visiting with them and even watched some football with Scot. Football and my grandson...a win, win day. Now if I could do something for the Panthers...they could use some help...maybe a miracle or two.
So we had a great weekend...we got to see both of our grandkids. And even got to have Maddy spend the night with us. We are very lucky grandparents who get to see their grandkids often.
But we still act like we haven't seen them in months, because they grow up so fast. Ryder will be a year old in November, seems like he was just born yesterday, well maybe the day before that one. He has grown up so much this first's amazing to look at old pictures and remember how little he was and how big he is today.
Soon, Maddy and Ryder will be able to play with each other, chase each other and spend the night together at Pawpaw and Nana's..we really look forward to that time ahead of us, while enjoying the time we have now with them each.
Pawpaw's wisdom for today is call your them...send them a card...kept that wonderful bond strong and up to date. Because before you know it..they will be grown and on with their lives..limiting their time with us grandparents. Thanks for stopping by and please come back and visit.


  1. Aww! How sweet! We'll have to make you some more grandkids one day! ;)

  2. My arms are large, my heart is full of love...Pawpaw loves children...he's still one himself according to Nana...I'll be waiting and wishing.