Saturday, September 12, 2009

Maddy Update...little girl is doing great

Well it's been about 25 days since the miracle of life began for Maddy. She's gaining a little weight according to her daddy. We look forward to seeing her real soon.She is growing into the beautiful child that I will tell you about for hours if you ask me how she's doing. Just a warning for those who haven't asked yet...I'm a proud Pawpaw.

We can't wait to see her again real soon...funny as soon as she leaves we want to see her again real soon. We love her and her parents, and enjoy being with them all.
So Maddy's doing great, and we checked on Ryder and he's going strong. Walking up and down the hallway at his house. Wow...soon the two grandkids will be chasing each other around the house. But that's not for awhile...thank goodness, we can enjoy them while they are still little.
I will post more pictures soon...hope to see ya again..and thanks for stopping by.
Also, please vote for my 2 dogs I have entered into a photo contest...if I win...I will shave my head...well my mustache at least...Maddy's Pawpaw ain't that and see for yourself...I will post pictures of that too.

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