Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Has Sprung...Let's Start Having Fun!!

After this past winter we all are looking for some warmer weather, some sunshine and happier days ahead. Nana and I have come out of our cave and begun our Springtime stretching...trying to get the cobwebs and dust off our old aging bodies.We enjoyed the winter days and nights playing with our grandkids...they make even the coldest, darkest day seem brighter and warm. "Little Man" has grown over the winter months and has turned into a toddler...where did that little baby boy go.
Now it's Rocket time, cars, upstairs to the boys playroom, and a lot of meaningful discussions about everything. He is joy to our heart and puts a smile on Pawpaw's face everytime I see him.

And how tall is Maddy going to be..she has sprung up 6 inches over winter...I swear it's true. Our little princess has really taken off in the growth charts. Soon she will be talking up a storm and then her dad and I will be chasing the boys away.
She's gonna be a heart breaker for sure...poor boys ain't gotta chance. And she developed a bunch of new to open and pull out 30-50 wet wipes in 10 seconds, how to unravel 30 feet of floss in 5.3 seconds and how to put make-up on while no one is stuff for sure, but then she just looks at you and you forget all of the mess and just take in her beauty.

And coming this fall we will be adding a new chapter to Pawpaw's Wisdom...we are expecting our 3rd grandchild, the stork is suppose to deliver her around the middle of September. So we are thinking in pink and gathering up our next load of newborn baby supplies for Nana and Pawpaw's house. We have been blessed with 2 beautiful grandkids already and know we have lots of love to give another grandchild. Just the thought of chasing 3 kids in 3 different directions is already tiring me out...I better go rest...I think I'm gonna have a busy summer and a very busy fall. Thanks for stoping by and remember to hug your kids, your grandkids and your furbabies too. A hug goes a long way to someone's heart and lets them know you really, really love them. Hugs to everyone and let's go outside and plant's Spring...time to start the where's my gloves and my seeds...time for Pawpaw to go play outside.

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