Monday, March 30, 2009

Day One...a new beginning.

It's Monday, March 30th, 2009...a new blog has begun. Well, maybe it's not a blog unless you have great wisdom or thought. I will try to add great humor to life's turns that come with each days beginning. I hope you enjoy reading the life of a Pawpaw, grandfather to Ryder and to soon another grandbaby in August.
My wife, Elsie, and I have three children, 4 yorkies and currently live outisde of Charlotte, NC. (Pictured here with Ryder-our grandson)
I am currently unemployed, but with God's will, will land on my feet as I always do. I can only hope the world will get better, not only for me, but for my grandkids. I don't want their lives to suffer for our sins today.
I hope you will be enlightened by my wisdom, my humor and my life's travel. Please comment on anything or everything, I look forward to hearing from all.
But also remember I am new to this blogging world and may make a mistake or three...I apologize in advance for any toes I step on and any feelings I offend.
Sit back and enjoy like through my eyes...

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  1. Jeff- I'm so happy that you have started your own blog. I just realized that you began posting so I wanted to tell you how proud of you I am with starting it up. It looks great so far! Love you :)